Managing Email Templates

 Last Edited: Jul 08, 2019

Email Templates must be stored within the following file path of your project: marketplace_builder/notifications/email_notifications/forms/form_1/ - replace "form_1" with the relevant form ID. The autoresponder template file must be called autoresponder.liquid. The workflow template file must be called workflow.liquid.


This is an example email autoresponder/workflow file generated by Siteglide. Below, we'll list available YML parameters, and body content.

--- delay: '0' enabled: true from: demo_kit <> layout_path: '' physical_file_path: notifications/email_notifications/forms/form_1/autoresponder.liquid reply_to: demo_kit <> subject: Thanks for getting in touch to: '{{ }}' trigger_condition: t --- >>>EMAIL CONTENT HERE<<<


  • physical_file_path - Files should be stored in a location relative to their form ID. If your ID is '3', and you're editing an Autoresponder, then the physical_file_path would be notifications/email_notifications/forms/form_3/autoresponder.liquid

Other fields will show in Siteglide UI when editing a form (subject, from, reply_to). There's nothing else going on here from the perspective of requirements to manage your notifications in Siteglide. You may want to check out the platformOS documentation:

Body - You can access form data via {% raw %}{{}}{% endraw %}. Custom fields are accessible via {% raw %}{{}}{% endraw %} where 1 = form ID and 2 = field ID