Managing Includes

 Last Edited: Jun 12, 2019

Includes are all of the following: Code Snippet, Content Section, Header, Footer.


This is an example Include generated by Siteglide. Below, we'll list available YML parameters, and body content.

--- metadata: id: 1 name: Main Section file_type: content_section physical_file_path: views/partials/includes/content_section/1.liquid --- >>>INCLUDE CONTENT HERE<<<


  • metadata

    • id - Used by UI to reference Includes. Must be unique in the scope of that Include type (i.e. you could have ID=1 for both a Header and Footer) (required)

      name - Include name shown in UI (required)

      file_type - Used to define where the Include shows in UI. Options: code_snippet, content_section, header, footer (required)

      last_edit - timestamp of last edit - shown in UI

  • physical_file_path - Files should be stored in a location relative to their ID and file_type. If your ID is '3', and file_type is 'header', then the physical_file_path would be views/partials/includes/header/3.liquid