Visual Editor

 Last Edited: Jul 09, 2019

Visual Editor is a feature built-in to the Admin by default! It enables users to edit any content on a page right there in the front-end, without having to remember where things are in the Admin. This feature will be polished and expanded later in the Beta.

You can access the Editor by clicking on the small house icon along the top right of your admin, just to the left of your profile settings.

To make changes to a Section on your site, click on the edit icon on the right-hand side that appears on hover.

Visual Editor is automatically enabled for Content Sections and WebApps, however if you are creating custom WebApp Layouts from scratch, you will have to wrap your code in the following liquid to enable Visual Editor:

{% for item in -%} WebApp Item Code here {% endfor -%}

Please note that Visual Editor is still in the early stages of development. We have a large number of updates and enhancments planned for later next year. Here are just a few examples of what we've got planned: More intuative layout of editing contols so you can edit more complex sections. Add the ability to edit WebApp items. Add enhanced capability for controling media, alt tags, title tags etc.