Last Edited: Sep 18, 2019


  • - You have created a Sender
  • - You have created a Recipient List


Campaigns is where you create/edit your email campaigns and assign Recipient Lists.

You can also see a Campaign's status (e.g. draft, or sent) in the list view.

How to set up

  1. In the left hand menu, go to Email Marketing > Campaigns, and click 'Create'.
  2. When creating a Campaign, you first choose if you are using the Code Editor (Creating your email in HTML), or our Visual Editor which takes out the hassle of coding an email. Once a type for the Campaign has been selected, it cannot be changed for that Campaign. Then simply fill in the rest of the form, picking your Campaign name, subject for the email and the Recipient List to send the email to.
  3. After creating the Campaign, you'll see a new tab - Code or Visual Editor, depending on which option you picked. For Visual Editor you will see an empty box with a blue '+' in it. Clicking that '+' will display the options of different sections you can add to your email. Upon entering a section, clicking the text will let you edit it and using the cog button on the right will open up more options like image URLs, padding, color and alignment.
  4. When you are happy with your Campaign you have a few options along the bottom row.
    • - 'Save' will store the latest changes on your site, but not send the Campaign to anyone yet. Note: If you would like to check how the Campaign looks then after saving you can press preview. This will open up a page on your site with a preview of how the email will be rendered in an email client, you can then use this link to show other people, or have a 'View in browser' version of the email.
    • - 'Send Test Email' will send a one off email to your email address so you can check it in your email client.
    • - 'Send Now' will schedule the Campaign to be sent on SendGrid at that moment in time, you cannot edit the Campaign after that and it will be sent within a few minutes. Note: You cannot currently schedule a Campaign to be sent at a later date/time, this will come in a future update.
  5. Once the Campaign has been sent, a new tab will appear that will allow you to view Sendgrid's statistics for the Campaign. This contains data like how many opens the Campaign had and how many bounces, amongst other data.