Recipient Lists

 Last Edited: Sep 18, 2019


  • - You have contacts in your CRM to add to a Recipient List


Recipient Lists is where you manage/build a list of contacts that Campaigns will get sent to.

How to set up

  1. In the left hand menu, go to Email Marketing > Recipient Lists, and click 'Create'
  2. When creating a Recipient List, simply give it a relevant name and then hit save. After your Recipient List is created you can then start adding contacts to it.
  3. The contact management screen is split into two areas; the top table contains contacts that are currently in the Recipient List, and the bottom table contains contacts that are in your site's CRM but not currently in that Recipient List. Use the plus and minus buttons on the right hand side of each contact to add/remove contacts from the Recipient List.
    Note: Both tables have an independant search to easily find contacts