Last Edited: Jul 02, 2019

We recommend that the first thing you do once you have created a new site is import your assets. This means that when you import your WebApps and WebApp Layouts later on, the images can easily be mapped.

Preparing Your Assets Folder:

Many sites have images and other assets stored in multiple file locations. Even if when building the site your developers stored all the files in a structured way, clients often don’t realise this, and upload new assets in other locations over time. We’ll need to tidy this up a bit before importing to the Siteglide Platform.

There are four folders automatically created for you on a new site: Images, Documents, CSS & JS. You can access each of these within File Manager. Therefore we want to match this when cleaning up our assets.

If you have a more complex bespoke project that absolutely requires files to be stored on the root, then get in touch and let us know. We’ll be happy to assist.

Uploading Your Assets

File Manager currently allows you to bulk upload up to around 100 files at a time. you can create folders and upload assets within each as you go.

If you have a very large number of assets to upload which makes the 100 file per-go to slow for you, get in touch and we can bulk upload images more quickly on your behalf.

Outputting your Assets

Assets are stored and accessed a bit differently on our platform compared to BC. We do this to receive various benefits, check out our doc on Assets to find out more.