Last Edited: Jul 02, 2019


{%- include 'module', id: '6', layout: 'default', per_page: 20, sort_type: '', sort_order: 'asc' -%}


  • id - the Module's ID

  • item_ids - output one or more module items, comma seperated

  • category_ids - output all items in one or more categories, comma seperated

  • layout - default is /default/ - 'layout' values are relative to the folder: layouts/modules/Authors (module_6)/[layout name]

  • per_page - defines the number of items outputted on the page.

  • show_pagination - default is true - defines if items should be paginated when the per_page is met.

  • sort_type - defines the type by which items are ordered

    • - name of the Module item (alphabetical)

    • created_at - date the Module item was created

    • updated_at - date the Module item was last edited

    • properties.weighting - weighting of the Module item

  • sort_order - defines the order in which the type is sorted

    • asc - sort items in ascending order

    • desc - sort items in descending order

  • collection - default is false - If you set it as true, then any layout is suppressed.
    Data is accessible via {{}}. For Example, name would be: {{[0]['name']}}

Liquid Tags

Field Name
Liquid Tag

Item Name

{{ this['name'] }}

name of the staff member


{{ this['weighting'] }}

weight of item, used for sorting

Release Date

{{ this['release_date'] }}

release date of the item

Expiry Date

{{ this['expiry_date'] }}

expiry date of the item


{{ this['enabled'] }}

enable/disable the item


{{ this['title'] }}

image of the author

Sub Title

{{ this['sub_title'] }}

job title of the author


{{ this['description'] }}

description of the author


{{ this['image'] | asset_url }}

image of the author

Image Alt

{{ this['image_alt'] }}

image alt of the author image

Linkedin URL

{{ this['linkedin_url'] }}

Linkedin profile url of author

Facebook URL

{{ this['facebook_url'] }}

Facebook profile url of author

Twitter URL

{{ this['twitter_url'] }}
Twitter profile url of author
Instagram URL
{{ this['instagram_url'] }}
Instagram profile url of author

Pinterest URL

{{ this['pinterest_url'] }}

Pinterest profile url of author

Layout Files

Authors Module layouts are stored in the following folder structure, which you can view via Code Editor: assets/layouts/modules/Authors (module_6)/

Within this module folder you will find the following layout folders:

  • default/ - the default layout folder

    • detail/ - full page layouts folder (default not in use)

      • item.liquid - detail item content file

      • wrapper.liquid - detail item wrapper file

    • list/ - page section layouts folder

      • item.liquid - list item content file

      • wrapper.liquid - list item wrapper file