Secure Zones

 Last Edited: Jul 15, 2019


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Log In
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Log Out
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Liquid Tags

Field Name
Liquid Tag



true/false. Used to determine if the user is signed in or not

Creating a Secure Zone

Once installed, you can find Secure Zones within Modules, on the left-hand menu of your Admin.

To create a new Secure Zone, click the + Create new Secure Zone button along the top right of the Secure Zones list page. Simply input a name for your Zone and click save.

Creating a sign up form

For maximum flexibility, you can assign any of your custom forms to be a sign up form for a Secure Zone.

When creating or editing a form, click on the "Secure Zones" tab to select which Zones you would like the form to allow sign up for. When you're done, hit the save button.

When you assign a form to a Secure Zone, the system will automatically add in a password field on the page output.

The final step is to create a registration page and use Toolbox to output the sign up form.

Adding Pages to Secure Zones

You can add any page to a Secure Zone by navigating to your chosen page, expanding the Secure Zones accordion and selecting the relevant Secure Zones. When you're done, hit the save button.

When you try to view the page, you will find it resolves to unauthorised access (404), this is a default system page.